James Joyce Romping through Ulysses Pocket Guide


A fun guide to James Joyce’s Ulysses full of surprises, illustrations and best quotes. It is a great gift for men or stocking filler for book lovers.


Product Description:

Romping through Ulysses Pocket Guide by At it Again!

A fun guide to James Joyce's Ulysses that makes a great gift for men or stocking filler for book lovers. |FOR BULK ORDERS FOR EVENTS PLEASE CONTACT US AT INFO@ATITAGAIN.IE|

What's the Story?

Peek through the keyhole into the world of James Joyce and his epic adventure, Ulysses. Our Romping through Ulysses pocket guide is full of surprises, bursting with fun illustrations and delicious titbits. Find out what’s happening in the story and step into the characters’ shoes with things to do, eat and drink. Discover forgotten literary places as you explore Dublin through Joyce’s spectacles with our illustrated maps. Dip into it if you are tackling Ulysses for the first time or even if you are at it again! [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://atitagain.studiostratos.co/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/At-it-Again-Ulysses.mp4" poster="https://atitagain.studiostratos.co/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/RompingThroughUlysses2021_Cover_800x600.jpg"][/video]

First reviews

  This is absolutely wonderful - I love the illustrations and the typography. And the COVER IMAGE?!! It’s iconic. - Liz    I just got my beautiful copy in the post. Love these books from At It Again! Beautiful, clever and fun. - Kim   A fun guide to Joyce’s novel with good suggestions for activities around Dublin to help you recreate and revisit Joyce’s Dublin. An irreverent take on literary classic that emphasises its humour and encourages people to get involved and engage with the book. - Niels  

Why don't you?

  • Connect with Irish literature
  • Follow in the footsteps of the author and his characters on their journey through Dublin
  • Re-discover Dublin
  • Learn what you always wanted to know about Ulysses but were afraid to ask
  • Get a grip on the big book without having to read it
  • Impress your friends with some insider titbits about Joyce and his epic tale
  Our book has a soft organic feel, strong graphic shapes and lines in warm, vibrant colours. All our literary guides and gifts are created and printed in Ireland using vegetable-oil-based inks on carbon-neutral, acid-free, 100% recycled or FSC certified paper.   For more on how we started creating the Romping through Ulysses pocket guide, read here.   Romping through Ulysses Pocket Guide 4th edition 2021 A6 format, paperback, 64pp ISBN: 978-1-8382229-0-1

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