Romping through 100 years of James Joyce’s Ulysses

2.2.22 marks the 100th birthday of James Joyce’s epic adventure, Ulysses. It also happens to be his own birthday! In 1922 Sylvia Beach, an American in Paris, and the original founder of the legendary bookshop, Shakespeare & Co., published “the most dangerous book in the world”. 

Joyce’s love letter to Dublin is set on 16 June 1904 which has become known as Bloomsday, after the book’s protagonist Leopold Bloom and is celebrated every year all over the world. 

Happy Birthday, Ulysses!

The Big Blue Book

With over 700 pages and no chapter headings, Joyce based his epic tale on Homer’s Odyssey about a hero’s journey home. As the main characters Leopold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus journey across Dublin, they experience all of life in one day. The book is a celebration of the everyday and, like a soap opera, deals with sex, drink, adultery, life and death. 

Autobiography and fiction merge, with Joyce basing many of his characters on real people and his native city playing a key role. He joked that Dublin could be rebuilt just from reading Ulysses. Joyce takes language on an adventure with his endless wordplay and lets you inside the characters’ heads where one thought drifts into the next – known as stream of consciousness. You’ll discover quirks and contradictions, the weird and the surreal.

Ulysses 100 Literary Gifts

At it Again! has created new limited edition literary gifts to celebrate 100 years of Ulysses. We’ve designed a Ulysses 100 illustration playing with Joyce’s famous glasses and dodgy eyes as well as tipping our bowlers to the Bauhaus style of the time of the book’s publication. Use the fun bookmark so you don’t lose track of this epic tale in case you want to tackle the original. Send our quirky greeting cards to fellow book lovers around the world or show off your love for the man himself with our stylish Ulysses 100 tote bag. 

In addition, we have a whole range of James Joyce gifts including the new edition of our pocket guide, Romping through Ulysses, which lets you peek through the keyhole into the world of James Joyce and his epic adventure.  Dip into it if you are tackling Ulysses for the first time or even if you are at it again!

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Join the Celebration

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